The latest outdoor hiking equipment list of 19 years (collection version)

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The Spring Festival holiday is over again. Will the next holiday be far away? Spring is coming. It's another good time to go out and embrace nature. People who love the outdoors will not miss this

The Spring Festival holiday is over again. Will the next holiday be far away?

Spring is coming. It's another good time to go out and embrace nature. People who love the outdoors will not miss this good season.

However, for the first time to participate in outdoor sports, it's a blank face, looking at the clothes of those outdoor donkeys


Since the release of the outdoor Tenggeli hiking route for paratroopers, many readers have asked us what equipment we should equip for the first time. Today, Xiaobian will sort it out to give you a reference.


Trauma medicine (Yunnan Baiyao, band aid, white flower oil, safflower oil), gauze, cotton swab, adhesive tape, hemostatic paste (if it's heel regiment, you don't need to prepare them).

Oral drugs such as 21 jinvita, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, Sanlitong, carsickness medicine, insect repellent medicine (Fengyoujing, sismin), Huoxiang Zhengqi pill or berberine. If it is a high altitude area, we should also prepare high altitude reactive drugs (inosine oral solution, gaoyuan'an, etc.).



As one of the five outdoor items, a good backpack is a good partner. When you go out, you must "stuff" all the equipment into your backpack.

When you buy it, you must repeat the back test (it is better to have a load test), and you must ask the salesman with relevant technology for the correct use of the backpack. The fabric should be strong and light rainproof. If the backpack does not have its own rainproof cover, you need to buy the rainproof cover at the same time.


Large backpack / camel bag

Purpose: to pack camping items, including sleeping bags, personal clothes, etc., and to be transported by material trucks when following the group, or to be used on foot or long-distance hike.

Requirement: 50-70l


Small backpack

It is not necessary to carry the tent sleeping bag when it is used for light load, short hike or following the club. It only needs to carry the supplies of the day.

Requirements: 15-30l range, there must be a belt, and there is a water bag outlet, it is easier to carry.




Small backpack

When tent sleeping bags are used for light loads, short hikes or following clubs, they do not need to be carried. It only needs to carry supplies for the day.

Requirements: within 15-30l, there must be a belt and a water bag outlet for easy carrying.


Low, medium and high side ▲

For short hikes, low top or middle top hiking shoes are generally selected. The upper material is made of full leather and leather mixed with breathable and wear-resistant nylon fabric, and there are also full nylon mesh materials. For mountaineering, rainforest, desert and long-distance hiking, it is recommended to choose high top, which can effectively block sand, poisonous insects and water vapor from entering the shoes. Especially for desert hiking, it is better to wear smooth and mesh free upper.


It is recommended to choose a larger size or a half size. New shoes should be properly worn in. Never wear new shoes on the road.

Walking shoes brand recommendation: lowa, La Sportiva nuclear, Columbia

2. Sweat wicking socks

The first thing to know is that it's not shoes but socks that are in direct contact with the feet. Socks suitable for outdoor sports will have many functional designs: for example, there will be thickening and elastic tightening design at the ankle, which can not only protect the ankle, but also reduce the fatigue during walking. The part of sole directly contacting with shoes will be thickened to increase wear resistance.


3. Snow cover

It works well on snowy or muddy roads.


1. Quick drying clothes and trousers

Quick drying clothes can quickly transfer sweat to the surface of clothes, evaporate sweat through air circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of quick drying. Generally, the drying speed of quick drying clothes is 50% faster than that of cotton fabrics. In general, quick drying clothes can be worn at the turn of spring and summer. At this time, they are much more convenient and practical than heavy charging clothes.


2. Charge suit

The main function of the garment is wind and rain proof, heat preservation and ventilation. And waterproof and breathable are also the two main indicators when choosing a submachine suit. Other fancy functions are gimmicks, so as long as you look at these two functions, it's enough.



The climbing stick is very important. It can not only help your feet and reduce knee injury, but also play a role in exploring the road and avoiding some outdoor dangers.


Climbing stick is so important, so how to choose the right one?

1. The wrist strap should be soft and elastic. It can be simply adjusted to the required firmness and is not easy to fall off.

2. Handle size and shape to fit your hand.


3. Handle material:

A walking stick with cork and foam handle is usually the first choice for a palpis sweating or frequent hikers in rainy days, because even if he is wet, he has greater friction.

The handle made of rubber will be slippery, but it has a good feel.

The handle made of plastic and wood is usually slippery, and the handle is not particularly good, but it is durable and strong.


Figure outdoor paratroopers

4. Length: the more adjustable the climbing stick, the more benefits it brings. When you go down the mountain, it's longer; when you go up the mountain, it's shorter; when you don't use it, you can shrink it shorter and tie it to your backpack.

5. Weight: the lighter the better.

Sleeping bag / tent

1. Sleeping bag, according to season and hiking environment

2. Tent, common camping, general waterproof and wind resistant tent is OK. It is recommended to take a small and light tent for a long journey. It's better to choose a double tent, which is almost the same as the weight of a single tent. If you travel with an outdoor club or a team, you don't need to take a tent. A group of donkeys can take a tent with one of them to reduce the burden.

3. Tent mat to protect the bottom of the tent from wear and tear

4. Moistureproof pad, common pad is convenient to lie down at any time, and the inflatable pad has high comfort


Figure outdoor paratroopers

Small accessories

1. Sun visor, can block the sun, according to preference

2. Fleece Cap, warm head

3. Gloves, warm hands

4. Glasses, sunshade, especially desert walking, can also be used to play cool.

5. Magic headscarf, when it's cold, it's worn on the neck to keep warm. When it's windy, it's worn on the mouth and nose to prevent sand and dust. When it's hot, it can be wet to prevent heatstroke.


Figure outdoor paratroopers


1. Kettle

Bring a kettle outdoors, convenient and environmentally friendly. When you are thirsty on foot, drink warm water to reduce your fatigue and make your body more comfortable.

2. Map

3. Small quick hanging, convenient to hang small items, towels, hats, garbage bags, etc. on the backpack

4. Outdoor watch, can measure altitude, temperature, air pressure, with electronic compass, time recording and alarm clock and other functions

5. Kneepad


Hiking is a physical, experience, equipment indispensable outdoor sports. In terms of equipment, what brand to choose is still based on your own situation. You can't blindly pursue high-end equipment, and you'd better buy it after experiencing it in the physical store. After all, the best one is the one that suits you.

Finally, no matter how simple the route is, we must protect our knees!

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The latest outdoor hiking equipment list of 19 years (collection version)
The Spring Festival holiday is over again. Will the next holiday be far away? Spring is coming. It's another good time to go out and embrace nature. People who love the outdoors will not miss this
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