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Weekly News Review: Notebooks Charged Without Lines Next Year

Date, 2013-12-11
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1  Intel charges laptops without wires next year

  Using a power cord to charge a laptop is a normal thing. However, the presence of the power cord also imposes certain restrictions on the notebook and is not so convenient to use. Now that the Internet is popular with wireless, Intel also hopes that laptops can be wirelessly charged. They are already working on research and development and plan to use the A4WP (Wireless Charging Alliance) magnetic resonance technology to convert ordinary surfaces such as tables into wireless charging stations. As a result, the notebook's mobile portability has been greatly improved, and users are more free to use.

     In addition to the research on wireless charging technology, Intel has not forgotten its own job. It recently revealed that it will launch the next-generation Skylake chip, and its performance, power consumption, and battery life will be greatly improved, and it will be listed early next year. Microsoft, on the other hand, meticulously cares for its highly anticipated Surface Pro 3 product, which has just undergone a firmware design that has solved previously reported WiFi connection issues. In addition, there are many news such as HP's first game book, ASUS ultra-thin notebook, Lenovo flip screen variant.



More important news to review, enter the weekly news inventory together:

No fear of restraint Intel will push laptop wireless charging next year

     Using a laptop, the power cord is indispensable, but sometimes it is inconvenient. At the ongoing IFA summit, Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president and general manager of the Intel Computer Customers Group, said that computers will begin to support wireless charging technology from next year.

     In other words, in the future, the user's laptop will only need to be placed on a table, mat or other surface that supports wireless charging, and the device can be directly charged. Then, when laptop users go out, they do not need to carry heavy power, which reduces the burden on travel.

     Intel supports the magnetic resonance technology of the A4WP (Wireless Charging Alliance), which can convert ordinary surfaces such as tables into wireless charging stations. Intel’s current circuitry supports wireless charging from 20 watts to 50 watts, which is not enough for large screens and gaming notebooks; but for ordinary laptops, this is more than enough.



Shi Haode said that in the next few years, wireless charging will be similar to today's wireless communication function, becoming the standard computer. In the future, users will be able to charge mobile devices and computers at the same time. "This is a huge change. In the next few years you will see thousands of charging stations. Intel's vision is to allow wireless charging technology to cover wearable devices, mobile phones, tablets and computers."

    Currently, Intel is developing a circuit system that supports wireless charging of notebooks. Computer makers including Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Panasonic have expressed support for this plan, and it is expected that more manufacturers' computers will begin to support this technology.

    In addition to wireless charging, Intel is also trying to get the computer out of the shackles of various cables so that keyboards, mice, monitors, and external hard drives can be used without wires. In this way, the portability and simplicity of computers in the future will be greatly enhanced, and they will also be more convenient for users.

2 Intel Skylake chips will be in volume production in 2015

Intel plans to push Skylake chips in volume production in 2015

    Apple just finished its new product launch and launched the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. And Intel did not idle, today opened the prelude of the IDF 2014 Information Technology Summit. At the summit, Intel revealed that it will launch a next-generation CPU architecture codenamed Skylake and begin mass production in the second half of next year.

    As part of the company's Tick-Tock development strategy, Skylake will be a modified version of the current CPU microarchitecture. The equally interesting 14-nm Broadwell chip, Intel confirmed that not only the Core M version, but also will launch Core i3, i5 and i7 versions early next year.



Intel company Kirk Skaugen said Skylake will bring "significant improvement" in performance, endurance, and power consumption. Unlike Broadwell, Skylake products will be deployed to a wider range of traditional PC markets, including high-performance desktops. Skaugen said: "Skylake has always put the concept of 'health is great' in development."

    Like previous IDF conferences, Intel also demonstrated Skylake chips on the stage. However, the difference is that this demonstration uses a notebook instead of an earlier development version. The 3DMark benchmark is also an important part of this demo, which may suggest Skylake's focus on performance improvement.

    Skaugen said the system can decode and render 4K video in real time. In addition, the Skylake platform for assembly developers will be "significant shipments" to them in the first quarter of 2015.

3Surface Pro 3 firmware update complete WiFi

WiFi problem solving Surface Pro 3 firmware update

    Previously, users reported that the WiFi program of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 had disappeared for no reason. Recently, Microsoft has upgraded its Surface Pro 3 firmware to improve WiFi connectivity.

微软Surface Pro 3固件升级


Surface Pro 3 users can go to Settings> Change PC Settings> Upgrade and Restore> Check Now> View Details> Install to update. The upgrade includes the following:

    Surface Pro UEFI update (v3.10.250.0) improves system experience and overall system stability, including WiFi;

    Surface Pro Embedded Controller firmware update (v38.6.50.0) to enhance system performance and user experience support, including thermostat icon boot;

    Surface Pro System Aggregator firmware update (v3.9.350.0) enhances overall system stability and compatibility with a Surface cover;

    Surface Integration driver update (v2.0.1102.0) to enhance user experience, including WiFi stability;

    Surface WiFi and Bluetooth driver update (v15.68.3055.107) enhances WiFi and Bluetooth stability and system stability, significantly improving the user experience.

    It is reported that the update of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is cumulative, which means that when the user installs the latest update on the device, it will automatically include all the previously missed updates. And once the firmware update is installed in the user's Surface Pro 3, it cannot be uninstalled.

4 cool HP Omen 15 gaming notebook exposure

Black and cool whirlwind HP game notebook Omen 15 exposure

    As early as this year in June foreign media broke the news, HP will launch a new line of gaming laptops. After three months, HP's first game notebook Omen 15 (HP Omen 15-5000na) finally exposed.

 惠普游戏笔记本Omen 15(图片来自computerra)

 The HP Omen 15 gaming notebook features black and red LED-backlit keyboards that are common on gaming PCs. The speakers are located on the bottom of the camera body to prevent the wrists or arms from blocking the game. The touchpad also offers elements of the Spectre series, rectangular large areas, with the opposite side.

 惠普游戏笔记本Omen 15(图片来自computerra)

 From the details of the exposure, HP Omen 15 ultra-thin body design, looks like an ultrabook. And both sides of the keyboard have been thin enough to fit into the interface, but they are all set to the back of the fuselage, including USB, HDMI, power connector, Ethernet interface, headphone jack and so on. At the same time, the gaming laptop has been restored to support Beats Audio sound effects.


 惠普游戏笔记本Omen 15(图片来自computerra)

  In terms of hardware configuration, the HP Omen 15 will carry an Intel Core i7-4712HQ (Haswell) quad-core processor clocked at 2.29GHz, and will also feature up to 16GB of running memory and a 256GB SSD. Its screen size is 15.6 inches and the resolution is Full HD level of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

 惠普游戏笔记本Omen 15(图片来自computerra)


At present, there has not been any leakage of any details on the graphics card. If no accident occurs, it should provide a high-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M discrete graphics card. The remaining specifications also include Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth, and WiDi, which will start at $2,446 when it is officially launched. The exact time is unknown.

5 Asus want to push 12.3mm thick Broadwell notebook

Thickness of only 12.3mm Asus to push Broadwell notebook

     Recently, Intel officially released its first Core M processor with the new Broadwell architecture, opening the 14nm era. According to sources, ASUS will soon introduce a new ultra-thin notebook equipped with this processor, the model number is ZENBOOK UX305.

     It is reported that the ASUS ZenBook UX305 will use a 13.3-inch IPS screen with a resolution of up to 3200×1800 pixels and a pixel density of 276ppi, which is more sharp than the MacBook Pro's Retina screen. The notebook is very thin and portable, only 0.48 inches (12.3mm) thick and weighs only 2.6 pounds (1.2kg).

华硕欲推ZENBOOK UX305笔记本配Broadwell处理器


In addition, the UX305 is equipped with 8GB memory and 256GB SSD storage, three USB 3.0 ports, a full-size SD card slot, a mini HDMI output port and a 3.5mm headphone port, supports 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, with six-cell battery (45Wh).

6 Lenovo Edge 15 flip screen deformation listed in October

The screen can be flipped Lenovo Edge 15 variant listed in October

     Recently, Lenovo has introduced a new ultra-thin Edge 15 notebook. It adopts a hinge design that can rotate 300 degrees, which can make the notebook switch between the traditional form and the standing mode.

联想Edge 15变形本(图片来自slashgear)

   The Lenovo Edge 15 uses an all-aluminum metal casing, but the body thickness does not exceed 1 inch, the whole weight is only 2.26 kilograms. And equipped with a 15.6-inch 1080p full HD IPS display, support for 10-point touch and AccuType backlight keyboard.

联想Edge 15变形本(图片来自slashgear)

In terms of hardware configuration, users can choose Intel's Haswell Core i5 or i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT840M graphics card or Intel HD graphics card according to their needs. Both versions are equipped with 8GB of operating memory and 1TB of hard disk.

联想Edge 15变形本(图片来自slashgear)


It is reported that under normal use intensity, the Lenovo Edge 15 can reach more than 8 hours of battery life. In addition, Lenovo revealed that the Edge 15 is priced at US$899 (approximately RMB 5,520) and will be officially launched in October.

7 unique computer package built-in 26000mAh mobile power

Rechargeable laptop computer bag with 26000mAh mobile power

     Most users buy computer bags mainly for the convenience of carrying and protecting computers. Recently, a computer bag with 26,000mAh large-capacity mobile power has been introduced abroad, which can not only achieve the above functions, but also can be used to charge laptops and other digital devices at any time, which is more convenient.


   This mobile power computer package is called Phorce. It uses a waterproof zipper, ultra-fine waterproof fiber fabric, and a shatter-resistant pad to ensure the safety of the device. It is suitable for storing a variety of everyday objects and electronic devices. The most unique feature is that Phorce also has a built-in mobile power supply and three USB ports that can charge a variety of electronic devices, including laptops. The large capacity of 26000mAh is also much larger than that of a typical mobile power supply, and there is no pressure to meet the charging requirements of multiple devices.



  In addition, the Phorce computer bag also has a matching application program that can display the remaining power and the devices that are charging and have been charged through the Bluetooth connection. It can also remind the user when the Bluetooth connection is disconnected to prevent the user from accidentally dropping the Phorce. Bags. However, the price of such a multi-functional mobile power pack is not cheap, the price is 700 US dollars, or about 4298 yuan.

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