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Android 9.0 or code-named Pie: Google further centralized

Date, 2018-01-19
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 [Zhongguancun Online News] January 18 news, according to XDA developer @Mishall Rahman broke the news, in its AOSP submitted by Google, found that the next generation of Android system version code "Pi" also by the industry speculation that the real code or It's Pie, the pie.

Android 9.0或代号Pie:谷歌进一步集权
Android 9.0或代号Pie(图片来自baidu)


Google will further strengthen Project Treble mode on Android9.0. The greatest benefit of Project Treble is that it not only helps OEMs to provide the latest system updates to their phones faster, but also allows developers to more easily customize and modify their own systems without having to wait for vendor adaptation if your phone supports them. This model, then completely without worrying about no new system can be updated.

        In addition, there is news that Android9.0 or will shield signal strength values. Google will allow operators to hide signal strength values in the future. It is expected that it will be enabled on Android P (Android 9.0), and it is still not clear why it was suddenly done.

        However, this adjustment did not switch off the API from the bottom, which means that the three-party APP can still be obtained, such as Wi-Fi analyzer, LTE Discovery and so on.

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