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Fengyun liquor is now facing the national recruits

The first choice to drink wine brand

Wind and cloud products investment

Business, five stars, four stars for the full channel product combination, the main sales channels for group buying, business super, name store.

100ml sauce for key products catering channel operation, to create the first brand of Maotai wine.

Wind and cloud investment

Support policy

Three big free, five big support and two awards, with network communication,

Advertising, brand sponsorship,

To maximize the dealers win-win!

Fair and fair - public

Three big free
  • Free agent: no charge for any agency, and only one dealer in one area to ensure the interests of the dealer and the exclusive qualification of the local business.
  • Free delivery: the dealer's purchase amount is up to a certain amount and the company is responsible for the freight.
  • Free distribution: Dealer stores customer first core city shop products by the company to determine the dealer support, no worries.
Five major support
  • Staff team support, the company dispatched professional staff to guide sales
  • The company provides new activities to carry out ideas, and provide material support, one-stop solution activities to carry out problems
  • The company provides advertising support, television media, newspapers and magazines brand activities
  • The company provides the replacement support and changes the goods according to the demand.
  • The company provides sales skills training support, professional staff training, rapid improvement of sales performance
Two awards
Excellent agent

Each year at the provincial level, according to the annual sales return rate, the core business, the number of distributors to reach the standard, the product channel atmosphere coverage rate comprehensive evaluation.

Sales of people

Quarterly, half year, annual completion of sales awards.

Mode of joining
  • 1, Call the investment hotline or online consultation service, through the initial screening of intention franchisees to the headquarters to understand the inspection
  • 2. Come to the factory to understand the production technology and quality of Fengyun liquor
  • 3, Through the mutual understanding of the two parties, according to the results of the evaluation to determine whether to cooperate, enter the signing stage
  • 4, Signing a contract, making money to join
  • 5. Manufacturers delivery, training and management support
Fengyun wine is looking forward to your joining

All interested in Yufeng Fengyun wine industry, leaving your information information, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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